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Off the Common: A Fintech Podcast, Episode 6, Super App Grab Shines Bright

April 16, 2021

In Episode 6 of Off the Common: A Fintech Podcast, BackBy Communications fintech team members Will Hernandez and Tylor Tourville chat about a digital U.S. dollar; Grab’s super app; Jamie Dimon on fintechs; DriveWealth’s Q1 Retail Trends Report; and in the PR Corner, using company data to create stories.

Cold Open (the biggest babyface and heel in fintech)

7:40: Intro (Hiring young talent)

21:05:  U.S. digital dollar

28:25: Grab super app

38:11: Jamie Dimon on fintech

45:09: DriveWealth Q1 Retail Report

56:35: PR Corner

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