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Off the Common: A Fintech Podcast, Episode 13, A Neobank’s Simple Demise

June 3, 2021

Will Hernandez welcomes back Tylor Tourville to the podcast after his week away from the show, and they chat about how Black-owned businesses turned to fintech for PPP loans, as well as how the neobank Simple is a shell of its former self. In the PR Corner, the co-hosts have a session about meeting expectations for clients and how you need to think outside-the-box and get client buy in. It was more of a therapeutic session than anything else!

Cold open (Fantasy booking on fintech deals)

8:02: Fintech shined for black-owned businesses for PPP (Reference article, Anna Hrushka, Banking Dive)

15:13: Simple: death by BBVA & PNC (Reference article, Penny Crosman, American Banker)

PR Corner (Meeting client expectations)

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