BackBay’s Elements of Success

January 6, 2017

- Bill Haynes


How can we best succeed as a business and as individuals? As we enter a new year, it’s a good time to revisit BackBay’s core values. Here are some of the key attributes we aim to foster for the benefit of our clients, our firm and ourselves:

  1. Knowledge. Clients choose BackBay for the insight and expertise we bring to the table. We must be knowledgeable about our firm and what we offer; about the disciplines of branding, marketing and public relations; about macroeconomic trends and business developments; about the financial services industry; and about our clients. We must keep adding to our knowledge base and skill-set.
  2. Commitment. We differentiate ourselves by going the extra mile. We strive to be the best we can be, setting new goals, raising the bar, and helping others to achieve their objectives.
  3. Responsibility. Our brand is built on trust; trust is built on reliability. Clients, colleagues and others rely on us to deliver top quality work and advice, in a timely manner, day in and day out.
  4. Community. We embrace our roles as members of several interconnected communities, our families, friends, workplace, towns, religious and cultural organizations, country and world. We aim to act responsibly and for positive good across our communities.
  5. Creativity. Our clients’ businesses and our own are constantly evolving. We need to be alert and innovative to recognize and capitalize on business shifts. We must develop strategies that reflect the dynamic industries we serve, and utilize a range of integrated tactics and tools to help our clients and ourselves succeed.
  6. Professionalism. We aim to act professionally and with integrity in everything we do and expect to be treated with the same respect by others.
  7. Collaboration. We are strongest when we work together as a team. We are open to new ideas and committed to sharing our time, expertise and insights with our colleagues and clients.
  8. Achievement. We strive to be great. We aim to bring a positive attitude to work each day, overcome obstacles as they emerge, develop and deploy strategic plans that help our clients grow their businesses, and take pride in all facets of our work.